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Gilthead, known by the scientific name of Sparus aurata, belongs to the Sparidae family. The predominant color is silver gray, the color is not uniform throughout his body. The back is bluish green and the belly silvery.


The gilthead which is predominantly the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This species is delicate and capricious, with an exquisite flesh. You can swim very quickly thanks to its wide and powerful caudal fin.

It is predominantly coastal, and can be seen even in the shallows, although not too far from the shore near areas with rock and green vegetation. Funds with algae and rocks or sand, are preferred by this sparrow.

It is possible to find spring and summer in the mouths of rivers and brackish water lagoons. In autumn the sea bream retreats to deep waters. Although the adult gilt lives depths of about 40 meters, reaching 150 meters in times of spawning, Sparus aurata loves surface waters of just a few centimeters.


When it is young, it tends to remain in schools of fish of the same species near the coast, moving away from it as it becomes adult, tending to seek solitude.


The bream is carnivorous. In fact, his teeth that we have seen are specifically designed to eat foods that are hard like molluscs and crustaceans that have not been detached from their respective shells.

As we can imagine, these fish are little loved by the mussel and oyster farms. If you introduce a school of fish of this species in the middle of one of them, you can kill all the mussels and oysters in a short time.


This species carries out the functions of reproduction in the period between the end of September and the end of December.


When it moves in search of food, it frequents the breakwaters and the posidonia prairies, and also bathes the submerged beaches, where it searches for its food by hoisting in the sand to hunt mollusks, always in continuous movement.


To fish in sandy soils with pebbly stone, we will use deep-sea fishing. We will use rods longer than 3.5 meters with which we can make good shots.


The fishing season of the bream includes the months of September to December, both inclusive.


As for the ideal hours of the day to fish it, our capture possibilities will be increased if we leave during the hours of the high tide.


  • Size: 100 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Depth: 40-150 m