At Sport Charter Fish we are committed to conservation and environmental management.


We want to contribute by reducing the impact on the environment, and protect ecosystems, linked to coastal areas, which can be affected by maritime leisure activities.


The Maritime Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago (PNMTAC) has proposed some guidelines of Good Environmental Practices, which we would like to share with you.


• Reduction of the consumption of energy and water resources.

• Rationalization of the purchase of raw materials from the environmental point of view.

• Reduction of the cost of waste management, by reducing its generation and promoting its reuse and recycling.

• Minimization of environmental impacts derived from atmospheric emissions, noise and discharges generated by the company


Raising awareness and making communities aware of good environmental practices allows us to enjoy this incredible nature that surrounds us.


We like to collaborate and maintain contact with the different lines of research, for a greater knowledge of the values ​​that make it up.

Natural resources are scarce, and we must implement saving measures as much as possible. Our goal is to inherit, and instill in our children, values ​​of respect and knowledge of nature, such as conservation.

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