Fishing hooks are the main part of our fishing gear, the key element that allows us to maintain direct contact with the fish. The number of models of hooks to choose from is overwhelmed. Different types of different tips, various sizes, short leg or long leg, with or without death, its curvature, models .... Among so many variables it is difficult to choose the hook that best suits the interests we seek.

You have to know well what types of hooks exist and what are their main parts that form it. Important aspect is to use the right hook for each type of species that you want to capture. The type of hook used can condition our journey.

The importance of using a quality hook and some stainless material to make it much more durable is essential. In addition, rigidity is a basic characteristic when choosing the right hook. Also, the size and numbering of fishing hooks can play a harmful influence on the action of the fishing lure. A last but not least factor when choosing our best hook is the finishing or finishing, because now the hooks are coated with many varieties of metals and the finishes are painted in different colors such as silver, black, red, yellow , etc. which can serve as a visual attractant or in the case of hooks finished in red simulate the blood of a wounded fish.

If one thing is clear to experienced fishermen, fishing is a continuous learning, trial and error, test and verify the effectiveness of one or another aspect that is more suited to our characteristics as a fisherman.

So experiment and do not stay without trying several types of hooks and see for yourself what your perfect hook is!

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