It is an oceanic species that belongs to the family of the belonids; his body is extraordinarily elongated and sub-cylindrical. You can reach an age of 18 years. The back is greenish blue and the belly silvery. Normally, its length is around 70cm. and in adult specimens can reach up to one meter. Due to their shape, they are excellent swimmers, voracious and butchers. Eat small fish, crustaceans, plankton and squid.


Recommended baits are Xorra and camba pelada. The fish Aguja is a gregarious and pelagic fish that lives near the surface and is of diurnal habits. They reach sexual maturity at 2 years with about 25 cm in length.


The presence of needles determines the absence of large pieces, such as chopas, xargos, etc. The Needles gather in groups to hunt the banks of small fish usually near the surface, jumping even out of the water, when they are chased by their enemies (bonito, tunas, dolphins).


Migrants near the coast in summer and early autumn, sometimes entering the lagoons. They live more usually in small banks between 3 and 100 meters deep.


The needle fishing is especially fun, since it is a piece that opposes enough resistance when captured; little distrustful, they are easily deceived, but they are frequently released. For fishing from the boat the method to follow is that of trolling.

Its meat is good although a bit dry, similar to that of mackerel.


  • Size: 1000 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Depth: 3-100 m